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ANTONBLAST Kickstarter announced for Nintendo Switch

ANTONBLAST Kickstarter announced for Nintendo Switch

Summitsphere’s Sophomore Title Brings Dynamite Fast-Paced Platformer Action to Kickstarter – Campaign and Gameplay Demo Live Now!

The scrappy young international team at Summitsphere, developers of the breakout platformer Antonball Deluxe, revealed their eagerly awaited second game going live today on Kickstarter. Antonblast may be a semi-sequel to Antonball Deluxe, but make no mistake; this isn’t your typical retro rehash. Built around exceptional controls, a stunning graffiti-esque art style evoking the Game Boy Advance, and fast-paced destructive platforming action, Antonblast is set to leave its own eccentric mark on the modern 2D platformer!

Antonblast follows the hapless drunkard Dynamite Anton as he embarks on a journey across the Backburner Peninsula, after his prized antique Spirits collection is stolen by the Devil in a fit of jealous rage. Exploding with anger, Anton seeks to exact revenge the only way he knows how: by acting as a one-man demolition crew and blowing up Hell itself!

As Anton, players will smash, crash, and blast through nine worlds in search of his Spirits, wreaking havoc from his home in the seedy Boiler City all the way to the gates of Hell. Along the way, Anton will use his Mighty Hammer and an absolutely wild moveset to break down structures and baddies alike, altering the layout of the level itself! That’s not the only twist, either: when Anton reaches the end of each world, he’ll have to set off a detonator and run back to the start before Happy Hour ends and the whole stage explodes! The player will have to reckon with the path they carved for themselves as they run back to the start, having either hindered or helped Anton in his mad dash to the exit.

“We set out to create a game inspired by the exploration and wacky worlds of games like Wario Land when we realized there was a distinct lack of titles like that being made anymore, but we weren’t interested in simply copy-pasting those games,” explains Tony Grayson, Studio Head at Summitsphere. “It was really important for us to be able to push the genre forward, rather than be emulative. After many months of hard work, Antonblast has been shaped far more strongly by our own diverse voices and experiences than any one game or series, and I think fans of the genre and new players alike will greatly enjoy what we have in store.”

Summitsphere is seeking a baseline goal of $75,000 for the Antonblast Kickstarter. Many exclusive backer rewards are offered as part of the campaign, including a $200 tier to insert a backer’s character into the game in a lovingly crafted sprite rendering, or a $10,000 tier to make Anton “disappear” and replace him with a different character. The Kickstarter campaign is live now as of May 17th and runs through June 19th. A free demo is also available to download from the Kickstarter page, featuring one full stage as well as a Time Attack mode.

Players can get in on the blasting for themselves by pledging to the Kickstarter and downloading the demo here:

Key Features

  • Shock and Awe! Unlike other platforming heroes, Anton’s not content to stay in his lane. Jet between the foreground and background layers for 2.5D platforming action!
  • Destructible Everything! Use Anton’s Mighty Hammer to break down your environments! Stage layouts dynamically warp and morph to make different paths!
  • Hurry Up! It’s Happy Hour! Once Anton gets to the end of a level, set off the Spirit Detonator and dash back to the start before everything blows!
  • 9 unique sprawling worlds with tons to explore!
  • Dynamic play style; rush to the end or explore at your own pace!
  • Silky smooth platforming gameplay with best-in-class controls!
  • Breathtaking hand-drawn pixel animation evoking the Game Boy Advance, yet bringing the style into the modern era!
  • Brutal earthshaking bosses!
  • A groovy, retro-flavored dynamic soundtrack!
  • Loads of replay value: Hard Mode, Boss Rush, and more!

Antonblast is set to launch in 2023. At launch, Summitsphere will be targeting Steam and Nintendo Switch, but Xbox and PlayStation platforms are a consideration, depending on fan demand and Kickstarter campaign performance.

About Summitsphere
Find the fun. Established in 2018, Summitsphere is an independent, international development studio with a simple mission: Move mountains to make modern classics unlike anything you’ve seen before. Started by a group of longtime friends, our team focuses on crafting new experiences that marry classic techniques with modern technology. We grew up with the games of the 90s but keep a keen ear to the ground for the latest innovations in the field – what’s a modern classic without some trailblazing?